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Before the British came to the part of the West Africa now called Nigeria, there were several Kingdoms and self –governing states. North of the Niger River, there was the Hausa Kingdom which comprised seven states, south of the Niger, there was the Benin Empire, the Nri Kingdom of the Igbos and the Oyo Empire of the Yorubas among the popular ones.

Lagos (Eko in Yoruba) was captured by British forces in 1851 and became a colony in 1861. In 1884, Calabar came under the protection of the British and was the Capital of the Niger coast protectorate until 1906. In 1897, the Benin Empire fell to the British and also became a colony.

In 1886, the Royal Niger Company was chartered under the leadership of Sir Geroge Taubman Goldie, and in 1900, the territory under the control of this company (which covered territories on both sides of the Niger River from the Atlantic Ocean to Lokoja) as well as what would later come to be known as Northern Nigeria became a British protectorate and was grouped into Lagos Colony. Niger cost (also known as oil River Protectorate), and the Northern Protectorate, and the Southern Protectorate (made up of Lagos Colony and Niger Coast) were amalgamated in 1914.

Thus came into existence the country presently known as Nigeria. In 1897, the name “Nigeria” was coined by a journalist, Miss Flora Shaw from the name of the largest river of the Region- the Niger River. She would later become the wife of Fredrick Lord Lugard the first Governor-General in Nigeria.


This entertainment and talent showcase platform, Project60 was designed in a bid to enable Nigerian youths and the young at heart to display their talents and compete with others, who are talented in various fields of human endeavour. This initiative is set up to celebrate the 60th Independence anniversary of our great country Nigeria. In the last 60 years of her Independence, Nigeria has gone through diverse challenges that have threatened her existence as a Sovereign Nation. As we begin to look at the next 60 years, there is a need to encourage young Nigerians to have new perspectives; we also want to motivate them to arise to the responsibility of taking Nigeria to an enviable height. The strategy is to show case individual talents.

An initiative of EL Phanos Global Resources Ltd, a Nigerian indigenous media entertainment and consultancy firm, the maiden edition of the uniquely engaging talent hunt promises to be exciting, dramatic and historic, as it is opened to huge categories of Nigerians and allow for creative skills of different shades. This is a unique, easy-to-participate and ‘no-limit’ talent showcase for talented Nigerians. Participants with various creative talents like poem, music, dance, comedy, traditional chant and visual arts among other talents are expected to feature in the competition. Winners with the highest marks will be declared on the final day with fantastic cash prizes and many other consolation prizes.”

 Selections for official contestants will be held in the Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital. Contestants can come from any part of Nigeria but all logistics for participation is based on individual’s arrangement. There are six categories of competition: dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumental and variety arts. Each “act” is allowed two minute to showcase their skills. Respected and experienced judges from the entertainment industry will be involved before the main prizes are awarded – “gold” medals, official Project60 trophies and plaques, recording contracts, and a many consolation prizes.

However, every contestant is a “Worldstar winner”… the networking opportunities are inestimable, the competition experience is beyond belief, accurate information about the industry is obtained through invaluable educational seminars, and the friendships made with talent throughout the project are priceless!

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